Experience, innovation and quality.

MG Serrature has been operating in Italy since 1957, on the initiative of the entrepreneur Giovanni Monti.

Soon afterwards, MG Serrature specializes in the production of cylinders and locks for doors and establishes itself in the regional market.
In the course of the years, MG grows nationwide while keeping its values of constant improvement and product innovation.

Today MG operates in several European and non-European countries through distributors and specialized sellers and became a point of reference in this field.

The participation in the international market has been crucial for the development of the company: the attention to the quality and the technological innovation over the time promoted the realization of a wide choice of specialized products, to suit all our Customer’s needs and to ensure the highest standards of security.

Our values

The "Made in Italy" value

The expression “Made in Italy” does not indicate the origin of a product only, but also the culture and the identity of its people. In many fields, such as car production, design, fashion and cuisine, Italians have always showed their remarkable skills in creating excellent products and high quality brands.

Faithful to the “Made in Italy” value, MG keeps producing all its items in the operative branch in Lazzate entrusting only Italian suppliers for the purchase of all the components and of the raw material.

It is an intentional decision to ensure the high quality of our products and guarantee the best service to our Clients. A choice that expresses also a strong commitment to our country:  producing in Italy means creating job security, well-being and prosperity.

Protection of the environment

MG  Serrature has always paid serious attention to the environmental issue, taking care to eliminate all harmful consequences to the environment in all stages of its manufacturing and production process.

MG Serrature’s dedicated commitment in fulfilling and maintaining this target, in compliance with the applicable regulation, has been also attested by the certification ISO 14001: 2004, obtained in 2011.